Mid Week Tease! Have you ever…

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I love being part of Sandra Bunino’s Mid Week Tease, especially when I have something fun to share. I’ve been working on Sin Pointe bass player Stefan’s story and I’ll be completely honest…he’s intimidating for me to write! I guess there’s a reason his story is tentatively called Wicked Flower. Anywho, I’ll let him take over this tease, as he’s eager to do. We hope you enjoy this unedited bit from his story which is a definite work in progress. 😉

“Have you ever had a girl go down on you while you were driving?” Will asked Stefan, who couldn’t help but bite down on his lip.

“Have you?” he asked his friend.

“Nope, Honey was too shy for that kind of thing.”

Stefan could tell the truth, but a lie seemed way nicer. “Nah, man. But that’s fucking hot.”ID-100151612

Will nodded his head and then let it fall back into the head rest while Stefan remembered a few years ago and the mess of red hair bobbing up and down in his lap, speeding down the 5.

“Oh, gas station sign. Did you see it?” Will asked him.

“Food. Gas. Piss,” Stefan said. “In that order.”

“Gas. Piss. Food,” Will echoed back at him. “In that order. You’re baby’s almost on E.”

This had been a long ass road trip. But it looked like they were finally close to his mom’s. There were trees everywhere. Tall ones that practically blacked out the sky in broad daylight. For a split second, he wondered how Mom was doing. How she was going to look when he finally saw her. It had been too long. Stefan closed his eyes tight then cleared his throat and then grabbed at Will’s crotch. “Hey sexy, it’s your turn to pump.” He grinned when Will punched his shoulder. He rubbed the sting away and took in a deep breath of Pennsylvania air. It had been so fucking long and this place still didn’t feel like home.

Hope you liked it! Thank you for letting me share the boys. If you’d like more time with Stefan, you can find him in the Sin Pointe Novels 1-3. 🙂

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Always love,

Carlene Love♥

Red Guitar Image courtesy of coward_lion /FreeDigitalPhotos.net

10 thoughts on “Mid Week Tease! Have you ever…

  1. I can see what you mean about him. LOL WIcked Flower sounds about right. 🙂

    I need to catch up on this series soon when I get out of this series of deadlines coming up.

    • Hi Kiru! Oh man, I totally get what you’re saying. I have lots of reading to catch up on too. What I love about books is that they’re not going anywhere and are very patient little things. Hahaha! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. I’m wondering what spurred on the conversation… He does seem a bit on the naughty side. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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