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This is a fun little snippet hop hosted by smexy romance author, Sandra Bunino, where you’ll find teaser excerpts from authors’ unfinished and published work. Any author is welcome to join in the weekly fun so to share your teases, visit Sandra’s Mid Week Tease post and sign up at the bottom. And a huge thank you to our readers who make this so much fun!

I’m using this week’s tease to announce the awesome news that Touch of Sin will officially be Coming Soon to your e-readers! It’s looking like an April time frame and even better, it will be part of Evernight’s Free Reads! 

Coming-SoonLonerby guitarist, Luke Willoughby, knows he and his band are under management’s scrutiny since last week’s press conference puking incident by his little brother. The stunt got them suspended from the Sin Pointe tour and Luke fears they’ve blown it for good. The last thing he expects is the cute spy who management sends to observe him. When no-nonsense Sarrie Walker shows up at a gig and blows her own cover by announcing exactly what she’s there to do, Luke is impressed but knows instantly he’s in deep trouble with this one. Sarrie is a breath of innocent yet strong and sexy, calming air and seems completely disinterested in him until they end up stuck together in close quarters. She’s dangerously irresistible but so very off-limits.

Clearly Sarrie holds Luke’s second chance in her hands.

But what about his heart? By week’s end, it might be tangled in there too.

I get a lot of great feedback about Ben, the Sin Pointe webmaster and hero of his own book, Sin’s Haven, and I’m happy to say he makes an appearance in Touch of Sin. Please enjoy this unedited bit with Ben and Sarrie…

“So. You’re on the Lonerby job. You gonna be okay?”

Sarrie cherished Ben’s concern. The girl he loved was exceptionally lucky. How many times had Sarrie wished Ben could have been her big brother? Instead she’d had Mark who’d left home the day after he turned eighteen. She hadn’t seen Mark in eight years. Their dad, however, she’d seen every one of those days. Positive, stay positive. Dad’s on the right track. Tennessee has been good for him. People can change. She grasped the high, tight knot of her thin, mousy pony tail, wishing it was half as healthy and thick as Ben’s, and moved it around, lessening some of the tension from her scalp.

“So hey, Slanger’s. That’s the bar down on Main Street right?” she asked her cousin.

Sarrie rounded the counter to her chair and portion of the front desk. Once she took her seat, he rolled her forward until their knees bumped and they were face to face like they were about to play office chair basketball. But he didn’t have his game-time face on.

“Okay, here’s the deal, my little mini-me.” Sarrie couldn’t help but smile. “I wish I could go with you tonight. And I will, if you really need me to.” He stressed the word really.

She stopped him. “Is Slanger’s that bad? Do I need back up?”

He shook his head. “Not Slanger’s. That environment won’t be a problem for you,” Ben said, his voice getting softer at the last few words.

She looked away for a moment. Ben knew everything about her past. It was what it was. She’d accepted that long ago. Unfortunately the shame wasn’t as easy to ditch.

“Okay. So I shouldn’t worry about the drunks, which leaves Lonerby. Mr. Keller wouldn’t have picked me for this job if they were dangerous, right?”

He twisted his mouth and tapped his chin. “You’re right. He wouldn’t have put you on a job if you wouldn’t be safe.”

“I get the feeling there’s something you’re not telling me, Ben. What gives?”

He fidgeted with a few of his black rubber bracelets and then blew out hard enough to puff out his lips. “I had an unfortunate experience with their lead singer and now Vance does his best to spare me anymore embarrassment. Which for the record I would gladly endure if you needed backup.”

“Ooh, ouch. Sorry to hear that.” Sarrie didn’t want to put Ben in a bad spot. Whatever had happened had obviously been pretty gnarly.

“Yeah, I usually keep that on the down low. Anyhow, my advice? Stick to the shadows. Be that cute little fan girl who follows them from town to town but is too shy to go up and say hi. Spare no expense with the company card. Stay in nice hotels in good parts of town and don’t play around with your gas tank. Keep it full. And no rest-stops. Those are big no-no’s for—”

“For what? Girls?”

“No. Not girls. You. My mini-me. Make your observations, take your notes and then get them to Vance. Then be done with it. Oh, and don’t go falling in love with Erby Wells. That’s my advice, Sare-Bear. And promise you don’t hate me for not going. Have I told you how much I love having you as a desk buddy?” He pinched her nose and she smelled the fruit and flowers on his hands as well. She smiled. So she’d foregone college for the moment. This job, this place, it’s where she loved being. She’d never felt part of something so cool and important and she had that here. Ben eyeballed her.

BenImage courtesy of imagerymajestic / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Who could be mad at that giant goofy sweetheart? His Hazel was a lucky woman. Ben leaned in and hugged her. For a second she was stiff but then relaxed and gave him a squeeze back. She swallowed, afraid he’d notice her reaction to affection. But his arms naturally loosened and then fell to his sides. She could learn a lot from him. “Thanks, Ben. I think I know what I need to do now. And I promise to steer clear of Erby Wells. She’s not my type.” Sarrie winked.

You can check out Ben’s story here–Sin’s Haven at Evernight!

Now off you go for some tantalizing snippets by some outstanding authors!

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Have a fabulous rest of your week!

Always love,

Carlene Love♥

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