Mid Week Tease: I Spy

MidWeekTeaseWelcome back to the Mid Week Tease!

It’s a fun little snippet hop hosted by smexy romance author, Sandra Bunino, where you’ll find teaser excerpts from authors’ unfinished and published work.

I started 2014 working on a free read related to the Sin Pointe Novels. In that series, there is an up and coming band by the name of Lonerby who sometimes open up for Sin Pointe concerts. Well, they’ve gone and gotten themselves into some trouble and now management needs someone on the inside who can observe and report back whether the band should be given a second chance at touring in the big leagues. That’s where newbie hire Sarrie comes in. I kind of envy her this mission. She, on the other hand, is not so thrilled at first. Please enjoy this unedited snippet from Touch of Sin…

“You want me to spy on them, sir?”

Sarrie stood in front of Vance Keller, her thighs begging for a massage and her skin for a shower, as she clarified what the well-respected manager for the well-loved band Sin Pointe wanted her to do. The crack of dawn jogs she was putting in with her dad were kicking her butt but she’d run marathons through Tennessee’s hills if it kept him on the right track. And she’d say yes to her boss right now, just as soon as she breathed through a calf cramp. She needed this job too badly and besides that, Mr. Keller had been nothing but fair to her ever since she’d been hired. But had she heard him right?

He sat on the corner of his exceptionally small desk that still managed to impress and intimidate her and adjusted his fine slacks. He had the kind of face that somehow appeared just as happy and kind as it was focused and serious. While the silver in Mr. Keller’s hair said refined, in her dad’s it was more like armor. The kind that warned, “Back off, I’ve lived longer than you.” She guessed she shared some of that moxie with her dad, it just fit better on a sixty-year-old war veteran than on her twenty brief years.

“I don’t think you need to see it as spying, Sarrie. The fact of the matter is that it’s up to you whether or not you tell Lonerby what you’re there to do. I’m fine either way. All I want is a yes or no at the end of the week.”

So what do you think Sarrie will decide? What would you do? And THANK YOU for reading!

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Have an outstanding day!

Always love,

Carlene Love♥

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