Monday Cute Meet! Melissa Hosack: Supernatural Kid on the Block

Happy Holidays and Happy Monday Cute Meet!  In the romance novel world, a “cute meet” is typically the first significant contact the hero and heroine have that sets them on their romantic journey. Monday Cute Meet is my way of introducing  you to new books, authors and some fantastic journeys between the pages. 

I’m so happy to welcome today’s guest, paranormal romance author, Melissa Hosack, and the second book in her Supernatural series! Here’s what Melissa had to say when I asked about her characters’ first meeting…

How Kristie and Camden met: This meeting was quite interesting. While Camden had a secret crush on Kristie, she didn’t even know he existed. During the end battle scene of the first book, Kristie is about to be sacrificed to an ancient vampire for a snack. Camden saves her life…but not without some insane things happening as a result. To learn more, you’ll just have to read the book. 😉

Official Supernatural Kid Cover


Camden Harrison’s life used to be perfectly normal. That is until his unfortunate murder and following resurrection by a witch.  Though grateful for his second chance at life, it doesn’t come without its side effects.

While dealing with the occasional appearance of a tail and his new ability to breathe fire, Camden finds himself in the middle of a supernatural revolution. He must now help a species he knows nothing about win their freedom from an evil dictator. Priya, the unofficial leader of the revolution, convinces him to pretend to be something he isn’t – an experienced dragon who rules his own territory. She uses his influence to motivate her people into taking their fates into their own hands. Despite his complete cluelessness over dragon habits and customs, Camden just might actually help them win their freedom. But at what cost will that freedom come?


The fire alarm had stopped ringing, but there was no hiding the singed curtains. There was also water all over the floor. Camden caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror and groaned. His tail had ripped out the backside of his pants and boxers. Why was his ass always hanging out recently?

He was debating climbing out the window as a means of escape when the bathroom door flew open.

The entire Taylor family stood in the hallway, and not one of them looked pleased. Kristie was biting her bottom lip in concern, but the second she saw the curtains, her hands rose to cover her mouth.

“Oh dear,” Alice whispered, her eyes widening in horror. “What…” She trailed off at a loss for words.

It was Dale who finally spoke. “You were in here smoking pot, weren’t you?”

Camden’s eyes widened and he shook his head vehemently. “No! I…I wasn’t.”

“Then how the hell did you catch the curtains on fire if you weren’t smoking?” Kristie’s father bellowed.

Oh, Camden had been smoking all right. Just not in the sense they were thinking. There was nothing he could do to explain himself either. They’d never believe him. So he just stood there, unable to say anything in his own defense.

Dale’s angry gaze flashed to Kristie. “You brought a damn pothead into our home!”


Find Melissa here:

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 Awesome! Big thank you’s to Melissa for being our Monday Cute Meet guest and Merry Christmas to everyone celebrating this week. Take care and see you next week!

Always love,

Carlene Love♥

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