Monday Cute Meet! Morgan King: Moving On…With His Yoga Instructor

Happy Monday and welcome to Monday Cute Meet.  In the romance novel world, a “cute meet” is typically the first significant contact the hero and heroine have that sets them on their romantic journey. Monday Cute Meet is my way of introducing  you to new books, authors and some fantastic journeys between the pages. 

Today I’m very happy to have with us, Morgan King, a fabulous romance author with a new story to share. I asked Morgan about how her characters, Blake and Jamie,  first met and here’s what she had to say…

The clue is in the title, yes Blake is the instructor at the Hot Yoga Class Jamie attends each week. They become more than instructor and pupil the night Jamie falls asleep in class…

Uh-oh, falling asleep in class is a big no-no! Can’t wait to see how it turns out for these two. Here’s a little more from…

Moving On… With His Yoga Instructor

Moving On



Blake is the Yoga Instructor of Jamie’s dreams. He is gorgeous, funny, smart, and with a body to die for. There is no way he’d be interested in someone like Jamie, or so the voice inside Jamie’s head says. The voice that listened to all those nasty things his ex, Dan, said.

Jamie is soooo cute, and shy. Blake just wants to give him a big hug, protect him and then fuck him in that very sexy arse of his. How can he convince Jamie to give him a chance, especially when it becomes clear Blake has his own insecurities that he will need Jamie’s help to overcome?

When Dan decides he was a fool to let Jamie go do Blake and Jamie trust and love each other enough to be what the other needs?

***Adults Only Teaser Excerpt:      

Jamie could see around Blake to the floor under his bed. Ninety percent of him wanted to crawl there, letting the dark hide him. His voice when he spoke was still quiet, but he raised his gaze and looked Blake in the eye. “I’ve never topped.”

“Oh, okay.” Blake seemed surprised.

“Dan was my first. I was late coming out, which is odd, because my family and friends were very accepting, and apparently assumed I was out even though we never talked about it. But I don’t think I have a very good gaydar, and I’ve never wanted to put myself in a dangerous situation, so I never really approached guys and I never wanted to do the casual sex thing. At first I wasn’t sure if you were into guys or not.” Jamie knew he was rambling, but he couldn’t stop. He wanted to be honest with Blake. “I’ve always been attracted to guys that seem more confident, more dominant than me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good thing, I like being fucked. As long as it’s not too rough. I mean I don’t mind it rough as long as it’s loving as well.  But towards the end Dan made me feel used. I like the idea of give and take.”

Blake interrupted. “Would you like to fuck me now? With you I’m happy either way. And it doesn’t have to be now or never. Let me have you now if you’re not sure. And when you feel comfortable you can be in charge again.”

The promise of a next time was a good thing, but if he didn’t gather his courage now Jamie expected it would become harder to in the future. “I want to. I just don’t want to hurt you. I don’t want to get it wrong.”

“You can’t get it wrong. Well as long as you use lube and give me a bit of prep you can’t get it wrong. Unless you’re hiding a monster in those trousers.” Blake pulled Jamie to his feet. He didn’t dive straight for Jamie’s belt buckle. First he started undoing the buttons on Jamie’s shirt. Jamie put one of his hands in the way.

“I’m not much to look at. My body’s not ripped like yours.” God, could I sound more weak and needy if I tried?

Blake acted as if he hadn’t heard Jamie. He brushed Jamie’s hand out of the way and continued opening his shirt. “You’re beautiful. Although we’re going to need to work on your confidence it seems.”

“Everybody’s beautiful if you choose to see it,” Jamie said the words, and he meant every one of them.

He wanted to feel them, too. He hoped being with Blake might give him that.


 A Bit About Moving On… The Series, from Morgan:

The Moving On… Series is all about stories where one of the characters is trying to get past a previous relationship that was either a bad break up or negative on the whole. They and the reader discover how it is possible to move on with the right person. Or the right kiss.

As someone who has had to learn the hard way that just because you love someone unconditionally doesn’t mean a relationship will last forever, I have written the books in this series to celebrate that second chance at love and moving on to a better relationship.

To celebrate my upcoming release of WITH HIS YOGA INSTRUCTOR, the first book in my MOVING ON… series is just 99¢

Where to find Morgan:

Twitter:  Morgan King @EroticWritings

A little more about Morgan:

Well I like to see myself as an infinitely patient single mother and charity manager by day and reader and writer of erotic romance by night. I love all genres of romance, but have a special tendre for historical stories having been seduced by Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer at a young age. I even named my dog Darcy.

My son is a very imaginative five year old, so when the characters aren’t having conversations in my head I’m voicing the character of a witch, dragon, pirate or possibly knight. Yes, I always get to be the bad guy for some reason! We live in the rural East of England not far from the forest so there are always plenty of opportunities for adventure.

If you’re like me, you’ve just been charmed by our Monday Cute Meet guest today. To Morgan, thank you so much for stopping by! Greatest wishes to you, your new book and your series!

Always love,

Carlene Love♥

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