Cover Reveal: Sin’s Haven!

There is something extra thrilling about seeing an email from my publisher with the words “Cover Art” in the subject line. Last week when I woke up one morning to one of those very emails, I didn’t even allow myself to open it until after I’d gotten kiddo off to school and taken care of the morning doggy walk. That’s because I knew when I opened the image, I was going to want to spend every other second sitting down at the laptop to gaze and smile and gaze some more. My favorite thing about this wonderfully sexy Sour Cherry Designs cover is definitely the vibe going on between Benny and Hazel. As I think you’ll enjoy when you read the story, she’s a woman who’s willing to do what needs to be done and Benny, well, all I can say is he better hang on tight for the ride.  Sin’s Haven (A Sin Pointe Novella, #3) releases on November 28th! Until then…



Always love,

Carlene Love♥

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