Tuesday Treat! Semi-Finalist in Five Readers’ Choice Categories!

Okay. I keep waiting for someone to say “Just Kidding” or for Ashton Kutcher to pop out from behind the couch with a big ole “Punk’d” hug for me. (Remember that show? Can you believe it started back in 2003? Yikes!)

But mostly I’m a jumbled mix of being humbled and ecstatic! I’m very happy to share that your nominations got my books into the final round of Evernight’s Readers’ Choice Awards in FIVE categories! Look at all these fantastic badges I get to put up, thanks to you all. If you’d like to vote in the final round, you can do so by clicking on any of the badges between now and November 30th. Winners will be announced on December 1…but you’ve all made me feel like a winner already. Truly, there never lived a luckier girl.

Semi-Finalist Best Book

Book of the Year-Sidewalk Flower

Semi-Finalist Favorite Author

Favorite Author-Me!

Semi-Finalist Favorite Heroine

Favorite Heroine-Trista from Sidewalk Flower

Semi-Finalist Hottest Bad Boy

Hottest Bad Boy-Jaxon James from Sin’s Flower

Semi-Finalist Scene

This one makes me blush and I love it-Sexiest Scene– From Sidewalk Flower: He twisted and leaned over and without touching anything else, barely brushed his lips against hers as he spoke. “What if we don’t tell her?” The stubbled patch of whiskers just beneath the center of his bottom lip scraped against her chin.

Ahhhh, I really loved writing that one. I’m so glad you liked it too. 😉

Always love,

Carlene Love♥

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