Starting Stefan


©2013 Photo credit and writing by Carlene Love Flores. All rights reserved.

“Broken Boy, Beautiful Song”

Such a broken boy

I never expected to hear

Such a beautiful noise

You picked up the mike

Strapped on your guitar

And I thought you’d scream

But instead

You said

Audience, would you like to sing along

If you know the words of this song

You strummed a few times

And you sang a few lines

And you told us it’s okay

If we get it wrong

You’re a broken boy

With a beautiful song

~Carlene Love Flores 2/4/2012

Starting in on Stefan’s story and spending time with inspirational music, artists, images, and my mind’s ramblings. Can’t wait to get this one out to you so I better get back to writing.

Always love,

Carlene Love♥

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