Mid Week Tease: Halloween Edition!


It’s the eve of Halloween and a Wednesday…that means I owe you a treat and a Mid Week Tease! Both of which I’m ecstatic to provide! In honor of Halloween, allow me to  tantalize you with a tale that lives up to the ghoulish holiday. Instead of giving you a bit of one of my stories, I’m sharing one from the lovely author, Loni Lynne. Let me tell ya, I’ve fallen in love with many a romance novel hero, but never have I been charmed in quite this manner.  James Addison from Wanted: One Ghost, you are a devilishly delicious ghost man….


Snippet from Wanted: One Ghost by Loni Lynne~

Set Up: That awkward moment when you must explain a condom to the 1700’s era ghost you accidentally brought back to life and are now sleeping with…

He peeked in and removed one box. “Ribbed for her pleasure?” He looked at the other. “Warming gel?” He turned the last box over and read the inscription. “What are they for?”

“I could tell you but I prefer to show you what they are for.” She took his hand and removed the box, slipping into his arms as she laid a deep, wet kiss on him. His arms automatically came up around her, returning the ferocity of her kiss with his own.

“Are they animal skins used in preventing child birth?” His voice was a husky breath against her neck as he nuzzled her throat. “If they are…you can keep them, I would much prefer you rounded with my child. I’ve always been very careful but you’re the first woman I’ve wanted to have a babe with.”

April pulled away. Her womb quivered at the thought of carrying his baby. As sexy and wonderful as it sounded coming from him, she couldn’t let it sway her.

Too many uncertainties. For him to offer such hope in the midst of their crazy association, seemed like a far-fetched dream.

Was he even biologically able to be a father? Up until a few days ago, he was an energy mass.

With no physical or medical history since then, she didn’t know what he was. He had a heartbeat and blood, but they hadn’t considered analyzing his chemical or biological make up.

Every day she feared waking up to find him gone…

Find more about April and James by clicking here!

That was the tease now here is the treat: I’ll gift one lucky commenter an e-copy of Loni Lynne’s Wanted: One Ghost so that James Addison has the chance to charm your pants off as well, and just in time for Halloween! Winner will be announced the night of October 31st.

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Always love,

Carlene Love♥

9 thoughts on “Mid Week Tease: Halloween Edition!

  1. Good Morning 🙂 Sockerjo, it was so hard for me to pick which snippet I wanted to share from this story because there are so many more clever little pieces like that one. Loni did such a wonderful job sharing James Addison with us.

  2. Carlene, Good Morning and thank you for having me here!! What better time for Wanted: One Ghost than this week (but hopefully it’s a great read anytime of the year).
    @ Sockerjo–Thank you for stopping in. Yes, there are bits and pieces of history all throughout the novel. Researching was fun!

    @ Lianne–I hope you get a chance to enjoy it! 😀

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