Mid Week Tease: The Comfort Boy

Who’s ready for Halloween? Me too! With only eight nights to go until we unleash our inner zombies, vampires and goth princesses, I give to you an eerie Mid Week Tease from a collection of stories written with a few of my Waterworld Mermaid sisters. “The Comfort Boy” was my contribution and it originally appeared here.  Enjoy and be sure to click on the link a little further down in this post to check out the other tantalizing teases put forth for your reading pleasure.  🙂 Mid-Week-Tease-Button-211x300 From The Comfort Boy, a short story for a dark, chilly night…

©2012 by Carlene Love Flores. All rights reserved.

Was it unconventional to have followed his patient out back in the cold of night as she walked trembling in the pitch dark?

After she’d just woken from some terrible dream? Yes.

Was he willing to drop her hand and let her go alone? No.

Alice did his best to remain open minded. It wasn’t that he thought Sanden was crazy—just severely sleep deprived. That he could fix, usually. And after spending the past few hours listening to her sketchy half-sentences as she slept, he was determined to stay the course.

“Sanden, what are we looking for?”

“Right here.”

She bent down and he followed suit, their hands still entwined.

“See, this is why my mother called you. She thinks I’m crazy just like Gram.”Alex Geerman flowers

“What? Over these flowers? In this garden?”

It was difficult to see but he was sure the moonlight shown down on a rather small patch of soil, maybe four feet by four at the most. She looked at him, as if deciding whether or not she could trust him, and then gently tugged her hand free to snatch a grouping of the pale flowers from the ground. He was admittedly confused.

“Sanden, I really don’t understand. I’m sorry but you have to help me out here.”

She waited for him to take the stiff bouquet from her and then once her hands were free, returned her attention back to the ground and smoothed over the loosened earth. She then scooped a small amount of soil back out, turned to retrieve the flowers from him, and held them firmly in the ground until once again, the heavy plastic stems were supported.

“I’m crazy right? Because I…” Her voice hitched for a few seconds.

His heart went out to her in droves as he saw the very trepid way she watched his face.

“Go on, Sanden. Because you what?”

If you’d like to find out, you can read “The Comfort Boy” in its entirety over at The Waterworld Mermaid lagoon by clicking here.

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Thank you so much for checking out my tease today. I’m working on a special Halloween Eve treat for next week’s tease…See you then 🙂

Always love,

Carlene Love

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