Mid Week Tease: Poking the Sleeping Lion, um Leopard…

It’s Wednesday and you know what that means…time for another round of tantalizing Mid Week Teases! I’ve been holed up in the writing cave the past two months working on the next Sin Pointe story so it’s nice to poke my head out, stretch and share a little of what’s been going on in here…


From Sin’s Haven, a Sin Pointe story in the works…

©2013 by Carlene Love Flores. All rights reserved.

Ben’s chest slowly rose, giving sporadic life to his leopard print shirt. He’d rolled the sleeves up high enough that she could now see finely haired forearms peeking out between the material and his rubber bracelets. All these tiny glimpses she was getting kept sending her to the edge of attraction and curiosity but also worry for his emotional state.

What was she going to do with him? Do for him?

Now her chest heaved as she considered her options. Asleep, or wasted anyways, his cheekbones looked more pronounced which gave a sunken look to his closed eyes. But he was young, younger than her.

What was it with her fingers and their mind to keep reaching out to him? His clean shaven face fooled her when she let a fingertip fall to his jaw and felt a prick of whiskers, much lighter than his caramel brown hair. Her eyes trailed over his squared chin which reminded her of boxers she’d grown up seeing on tv. Strong. But then there was his rather perfectly straight and model-like nose.

What a contradiction.

She couldn’t help but compare him to Jay because Jay had been her life and the last man she’d been this intimate with. And her Jay, every part of his body had been strong and thick. It scared her to no end that a person so physically powerful could be the most vulnerable. Would Ben be okay? Maybe after a day or two had passed and if he stayed away from Tennessee whiskey. She probably shouldn’t worry, or see him again.

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Have a wonderful week and thank you for stopping by! Now back to the cave I go with my leopard and his lady…

Always love,

Carlene Love

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