Friday Fun with Sin Pointe’s main man, Jaxon James!

Hi everyone, Happy Friday! I was on a break from Benny’s story when I found this “pointers” list Jaxon wrote up in an effort to help me out while I was on blog tour last month. Figured it was worth re-posting and definitely fell under Friday Fun. If you’d like to see where it originally posted during the Sin’s Flower blog tour, go HERE.  Enjoy and thanks for reading!


Just because you’ve written The End doesn’t mean your characters are done with you. I’m actually thankful for that because while being on tour, albeit the book kind, is great fun, I’m nowhere near as experienced as the boys of Sin Pointe.

It occurred to me that this fact may be glaringly obvious to Jaxon James, leader of the band and sexy, single daddy hero of his story, Sin’s Flower.  On his way out last night, he must have slipped this under my office door. (I tried once to set up boundaries but honestly, who wants a closed door policy when you’re talking about that amount of yumminess? Yeah, me neither.)

So I found the note this morning and had to grin. Not sure these are exactly “Book Touring” helpful tips, but maybe there’s a budding rock star out there amongst you who could really benefit from Jaxon’s sexpertise. (Oops, silly typo. Of course I meant expertise.)

“Jaxon’s Touring Tips”

  1. 1. Blondies, they’ll get you in trouble. Every. Single. Time. These lovelies should come with a warning, or a background check, at the very least.  (Hey now, I take offense at that, Jaxon! But um…duly noted, you may have a point.)

  2. Guys—No Means No. Period.

  3. Bananas—(Really, Jaxon? You and your bananas. Oy!) This isn’t just how I describe my crazy karma, but they’re awesome in smoothies and keep your muscles primed for action. (Yeah, go ahead. Picture it. He was most likely waggling his eyebrows when he wrote that last word.)

  4. Driving—Don’t do it. Hands were meant to be free. I mean, of course, you should always offer to take your lady around, wherever and whenever she wants to go. (Okay, I call shenanigans on you, Jaxon. We both know Lily must have walked in the room because you HATE driving! Not that you don’t have a very good reason for it, sweetie.)

  5. Be Tough. Don’t tear up when they start singing your songs back to you. Wait until you’re backstage and preferably in the arms of someone you trust. Okay, that’s all I got. Go get ‘em, darl, and good luck on your book tour. (Awwww, I forgive you for being so ornery.)

I have to say, typing “The End” is highly overrated. I never want this to end, as a writer and as a reader. It was my extreme pleasure to share Jaxon’s tips with you. Have a great weekend!Sin's Flower

Always love,

Carlene Love

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