It’s Here! The I Heart Books Giveaway!! 9/1-9/15

Welcome to the I Heart Books Giveaway! 

 Join the fun…Share the love!


 Grand Prize (US only) 

 –$25 Amazon gift card

$10 BookStrand gift card

1 signed Taylor Berke paperback (Stony Creek Cowboy)


1 signed Jenika Snow paperback (Something Fierce)


-1 signed Jennifer Saliz paperback (Two to Please)


Native American table runner (compliments of author Karen Mercury)


Jenika Snow Swag bag

   *1 Two-Tone Jenika Snow canvas tote bag (14″ x 14″ x 3″)

   *1 Jenika Snow coffee mug

   *2 Jenika Snow signed rack cards (1 design, front&back)

   *4 Jenika Snow magnets (2 different designs)

   *4 Jenika Snow stickers (2 different designs)

   *1 “I Heart Books” t-shirt (large)


Tara Rose Swag

   *1 Seducing Carma coffee mug

   *1 Seducing Carma stress ball

   *1 Seducing Carma magnet


-Jennifer Salaiz Swag bag

   *1 T-shirt

   *1 notepad

   *1 mousepad

   *1 pen

   *1 keychain

   *1 bag


eBook bundle pack

   *2 back-list eBooks by Jenika Snow (readers choice)

   *5 back-list eBooks by Sam Crescent (readers choice)

   *2 back-list eBooks by Jan Graham (readers choice)

   *3 back-list eBooks by Diane Leyne (readers choice)

   *2 eBooks by Tara Rose (Seducing Carma/Mastering Angela)

   *1 back-list eBook by Zoey Marcel (readers choice)

   *2 Taylor Berke eBooks (Stony Creek Hero/Stony Creek Cowboy)

   *2 Jess Buffett eBooks (His Silent Mate/Cowboy’s Chocolate Roses)

   *1 Tina Pollick eBook (Soul Broker)

   *1 SJ Maylee eBook (Taking Chances)

   *1 CR Moss eBook (Wild West Promise)

First Place: 20 eBook bundle pack! (US & International)

-eBook bundle pack

   *2 Jenika Snow eBooks from back-list (readers choice)

   *1 Karen Mercury eBook from back-list (readers choice)

   *1 Jessica Jayne eBook from back-list (readers choice)

   *1 Kastile Eavenshade eBooks (The Heat of His Kiss)

   *5 Iyana Jenna short story collection (Dreamcatcher/A Granted Wish/Glowing Dim as an Ember/O Res Mirabilis/A Part of Me.)

   *1 Karen Mercury eBook from back-list (readers choice)

   *3 Hazel Gower  eBooks (Theirs/The Price of Fame/Kane’s Mate)

   *2 Honor James eBooks (Royal Wolves 1&2: To the Edge and Back & Into the Fire)

   *2 Michelle Graham eBooks (Landing the Big Ones/The Art of Love)

   *1 James Cox back-list eBooks (readers choice)

   *1 Doris O’Connor back-list eBooks (readers choice)

Second Place: 10 eBook bundle pack! (US & International)

   *2 Jenika Snow eBooks from back-list (readers choice)

   *1 Sapphire Kande eBook (Molly’s Sexual Curse)

   *1 Hazel Gower  eBook (Always and Forever)

   *1 Carlene Love Flores eBook (The Boss) ♥THAT’S ME♥

   *1 Doris O’Connor back-list eBook (readers choice)

   *2 Iyana Jenna short story collection (Release Me/Just A Little Unwell)

   *1 James Cox back-list eBook (readers choice)

   *1 Kastile Eavenshade eBook (The Heat of His Kiss/The Winter Virgin)

Those pesky rules…

The grand prize is only available to US residents. First and Second place prizes available to everyone! Giveaway will run from September 1-September 15, 2013.

Ready to enter this HUGE I Heart Books giveaway??? Enter here: a Rafflecopter giveaway  

The participating authors!

Jenika Snow:

Tara Rose:

Jennifer Salaiz:

Cr Moss:

James Cox:

Carlene Love Flores:

Hazel Gower:

Jessica Jayne:

Kastil Eavenshade: 

Sam Crescent:

Iyana Jenna:

Diane Leyne:

Jan Graham:

Karen Mercury:

SJ Maylee:

Zoey Marcell:

Honor James:

Michelle Graham:

Taylor Berke:

Doris O’Connor:

Sapphire Kande:

Stacey Espino:

Jess Buffett:

Tina Pollick:

Good luck to all and may you be blessed with many happy hours of reading!

Always love,

Carlene Love♥

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