Mid Week Tease: Good for him…

It’s Wednesday and you know what that means…time for another round of tantalizing Mid Week Teases! In the spirit of teasing, I hope you enjoy this glimpse into my current work in progress–a raw and unedited glimpse that is. This is planned to be the next story in the Sin Pointe series and it’s a moment between Benny, the band’s genius webmaster and Hazel, a reluctant singing hostess who ends up in a very sticky situation on his birthday night.


 From Sins & Lies, a Sin Pointe story in the works~

Just then, the dividing curtain keeping the club and café separate opened as a pixie-like woman topped with a shock of punk rock yellow, red and orange hair stepped in. Was Hazel seeing things? Had her nerves about this night sent her this far over the edge? Erby Wells, lead singer of local band gone big time, Lonerby, stood there waiting. Hazel’s instincts were to leave the stage and help her to find a seat but Mr. Eyes beat her to it. A thousand questions about the unknown man she’d become fascinated with made her feel like a crazy person. How did he know Erby Wells? Was she the reason he looked so sad? Wow, he was really tall. How tall was he? Six-six maybe? Why hadn’t anyone else at Mr. Eye’s table turned to greet Erby? Surely they all knew each other, the rich and famous.

Watching perhaps a little too closely, Hazel couldn’t tear her speculating eyes away from him as he walked to greet Erby. He leaned way down and gave her a hug. He stayed there, standing by the rocker’s side, but faced Hazel and the stage. And there it was. A smile that made Hazel want to smile back. Apparently Hazel had avoided connecting with people for so long now that she’d lost that special touch she used to have. She’d been dead wrong about his tell-tale grief. What surprised her the most was how empty she now felt. She wouldn’t be getting that chance to figure him out. He didn’t need her help. He had someone.

“Good for you, Mr. Eyes,” she said quietly, and then hoped no one had heard that heartfelt slip of tongue.

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Thanks for stopping by today!  I hope you enjoyed this moment with Hazel and “Mr. Eyes”, better known in the Sin Pointe world as Benny. 

Always love,

Carlene Love♥

10 thoughts on “Mid Week Tease: Good for him…

  1. Awwww – what’s not to love about big hearted Benny! Can’t wait to read all about his story in Sins & Lies (neither of which sound like Big Hearted Benny). Love his nickname Mr Eyes as they are truly the mirrors of our souls! Don’t mean to rush you but ….. please hurry! 😉

  2. Oh wow, Benny is much taller than I had him pictured in my mind’s eye, luckily I am flexible and will now adjust my inner vision 🙂 Have fun with Benny and Hazel !!

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