When I read all the elements captured in C.R. Moss’s newest release, I went immediately to my happy book place. It’s contemporary, western, erotic, romance and it even has a touch of the supernatural. All that plus it’s set in Nevada and the hero is a rugged wrangler! And…it’s the third book in the Double D Ranch Tales series so there’s more to love! I loved getting to chat with the woman behind the magic so please enjoy♥C Moss

Carlene: What is your favorite thing about the desert? I grew up in Vegas and I loved the nighttime lights but also daytime places like Bonnie Springs, Mouse’s Tank and Old Las Vegas.
C.R.: The weather. I love that it’s sunny and warm more often than not and that the humidity stays low. Yeah, the heat can get a bit crazy at times but from mid-September to the end of November it’s absolutely beautiful. Plus, there are a variety of things to do ranging from outdoorsy kind of activities to shows to dining, etc.

Carlene: Do you have a secret, tip or advice for writing a short story? I once read another author’s tip of starting with two people who have history but left off with unfinished business the last time they met.
C.R.: I’ve done it both ways – where they didn’t know each other and as you mentioned. For shorter works, I’m starting to favor the characters having known each other once upon a time and reconnecting. Though, in ‘Promise’ Kent and Maggie didn’t know each other before, but they do state up front their intentions for the time they have together, which lends to this particular short story. The way I figure it, write the story the way it’s calling to be written.

Carlene: Are there any more books planned for your Double D Ranch Tales series?
C.R.: Oh yes! 🙂 RM Sotera and I so far have two more long books in the works and two novellas. We’re also doing a special event at a conference here in Las Vegas and getting our fans in on the series too. There’ll be a lot more Double D goodness coming readers’ ways! (Yes, be sure and check out C.R.’s link and info about the event at the bottom of this post. Looks very cool.)

Carlene: My favorite part of a book is what the characters say to each other. What is your favorite exchange of dialogue in Wild West Promise and why do you love it?
C.R.: There are a handful of lines… I came up with three instances I wanted to share. In the beginning of the story Kent reminisces about penis cake. Then there’s a thought about Maggie climbing his body as if conquering Mount Everest. But I think I’ll go with the following cause it shows the humor RM is good about brining into the stories we write together & leads into the hot scene: (Kent says…) “You’re lookin’ at me like I’m a horse at a show. Guess you like what you see,” he stated, not acting the least bit uncomfortable being on display. (Maggie replies…) “Sure do.” Maggie stretched out an arm and traced a scar along the side of his body from his rib cage to his hip. (Wow, that really did go from humorous to hot. Very nice!)

Carlene: Cowboys seem to have ornery and charm engrained in their DNA. Tell us what makes your wrangler hero, Kent Samuels, so irresistible.
C.R.: Because he seems so elusive and unattainable. With his lifestyle and viewpoints, he’s a challenge for Maggie and she’s up for a bit of a chase. Doesn’t hurt that he’s handsome, rugged, loyal and older which is right up her alley as well. (That stuff never hurts. And I think I have a new crush.)


In life and the afterlife, on the Double D Ranch, one belief holds true—the power of desire changes lives.
* A rugged wrangler. A feisty Irish woman. A day full of promise. Times are wild on the Double D, and one ranch hand is in for the ride of a lifetime.
* Little does Maggie O’Hurley know her life is about to change. She visits the ranch to attend a friend’s bachelorette party and meets a wrangler named Kent. Her immediate attraction to him revs up her libido, and she plans to do what’s needed to snag the sexy cowboy…including making a decision she never thought she’d deal with again.
* As a workaholic, Kent Samuels hasn’t been with a woman in ages. When a bewitching redhead steps into his path, his world tilts, and she’s all he can think of. He doesn’t know if he’s able to give her forever, but he will give her what time he has. Once he does, he knows he can’t let her go.
* Past experiences war with ideas for the future, but can the pair make promises they can keep?

~ Excerpt ~

* The entrance to the cave had the most vivid red rock she’d ever seen. Cascading colors of orange, dark brown, and shades of grey slipped by beneath her as she climbed the ladder after Kent. When they’d reached the inside, he walked to a plywood wall that read Boys Only in big black letters. He opened a makeshift door, then slipped to the side allowing Maggie to enter full center.
* In awe, she cradled her sore thumb with her other hand and surveyed the space. “It’s quite the bachelor pad, wouldn’t you say?”
* Kent set the picnic satchel on a wooden table near a painted sign on the wall stating, ‘Girls stay out! This is the Dougan brothers’ place!’
* To the left of the table an array of ropes and riding crops of different shapes and sizes hung on the wall. Beneath them sat a chest with an engaged lock keeping it closed to inquiring minds. In the corner, a plastic crate full of flashlights and batteries lay next to a small generator. Something purple and wrinkly looking poked out of a hole of the bin. She screwed her mouth to the side and furrowed her forehead. Homing in on the item, she gained a better look and made an O shape with her mouth as understanding dawned.
* Kent glanced her way, down at the realistic looking dildo, and back at her. “The place caters to the grown Dougan men now.”
* No doubt. She advanced to the wall and ran her fingers through the dangling ropes. Stealing a look at Kent, she raised a brow. “I guess the stories about the Dougan men are true.”
* “They’re a feisty bunch for sure,” he muttered under his breath but loud enough for her to hear.
* “Feisty is good for the soul.” She made sure to lock gazes with him after the words left her throat.
* And finally, something she’d tried worked. Kind of. He stared at her, the amber in his brown eyes sparkling with untold secrets. A flutter started in her stomach then fanned out through her entire body. She ached to wrap her arms around him and kiss his lips. But she wouldn’t because, other than the passion in his gaze, the tell-tale signs that he thought of her in a sexual way were non-existent at the moment.
* Stubborn man. Still running hot and cold. I’ll have to rethink what I need to do to snag him.
* Resigned to enjoy their excursion as just a friendly gesture on his part, she sighed and moved to the back of the cave to survey the other goodies.
* A section of bottled water and a variety of other drinks caught her attention. Before she could open her mouth and comment, strong arms wrapped her body from behind silencing her mind and voice.
* “I struggled last night, and I’ve fought my feelings all morning to keep my hands off you,” his deep voice murmured against her ear. He pressed his pelvic region against her ass. “And as you may notice, I’m losin’ the fight.”
Book Links
Evernight Publishing: http://www.evernightpublishing.com/wild-west-promise-by-c-r-moss-and-r-m-sotera/
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Promise-Double-Ranch-Tales-ebook/dp/B00EDZQSEK

Bio: An eccentric and eclectic writer, C.R. Moss pens stories for the mainstream and erotic romance markets, giving readers ‘Worlds of Possibilities.’

Find C.R. Moss and her social links at http://crmoss.com/

~ Come out to the hottest readers’ conference in the west, Hot Mojave Knights, and meet C.R., RM & other great authors ~ Las Vegas, NV – October 2013 ~ http://www.hotmojaveknights.com/DD EventThank you so much for being our guest today, C.R. And good luck with the Wild West Way! I hope you are blessed with many visitors.

Always love,

Carlene Love♥


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