What an absolute pleasure it is to have USA Today Bestselling Author, Nana Malone, guest blogging for us today! It is with the warmest of welcomes that I turn you over into her capable hands…


Love and closure…

I’ve said it before…closure is a myth.  But I’m willing to admit I might me wrong about that. Wrapping up my In Stilettos series I started thinking about the end of relationships and the need to see all ends tied up.

Some time ago, I did a video blog on the myth of closure (  At the time I was convinced that there is just no way to end a relationship cleanly when one person wanted to have the final say. I argued that it will never end well for the person requesting closure. But I might be rethinking that stance.

With this last book, Sassy in Stilettos, I’m saying goodbye to three women who’ve been an integral part of my life for nearly a year and a half. They’ve made me laugh and made me want to bang my head against my keyboard.  They’ve had great sex and made me want to throttle them for their emotional stupidity. But they are my girls and I love them. Can I actually say goodbye to them? Or like so many others, do I need closure in the form of a novella?

I’ve had lots of readers ask for a continuation of the series and I’m tempted because the moment I wrote the end to Micha’s story, I immediately wanted to see them again.  To write another story in the stilettos world.  Visions of novellas danced in my head. Is that what the closure conversation really is, the inability of one or both parties to let go?

You’ve seen it before, a friend who gets dumped, but then insists that they need to see their ex to have a closure discussion.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that so many closure discussions end with discarded clothing, panting breaths and unresolved conflict.  And what might be fantastic for a novella, is hell on a relationship.

I think at the end of the day, the need for the closure discussion is really the inability to let go.  The person who wants the closure, wants to feel like they have a way to undo it, to say goodbye in the way they want to say goodbye.

In Jaya, Ricca, and Micha’s case, I think of it as a chance to revisit old friends.  Or maybe I just can’t let go.  These women are so sassy, and fun and as real to me as actual girlfriends.  Their personalities are so distinctive to me. I feel like these are real women who I’d go out for drinks with.

I think I will eventually do those novellas, but not for a long while.  I want my brain to process the end to the series properly before we start doing the full reunion tour.  They consumed such a huge part of my life for two years that maybe I need to give myself a little time to miss them.

What do you think? Is closure possible? Should I give my sassy, fun-loving girls novellas to send them off properly? As readers, which do you prefer?


  1. Nana, I think closure is overrated because I don’t think it can truly be had. Not when feelings are involved! As a reader, I think that’s why so many of us go back and read our favorite books and series over and over again, because we want to be in the moment with characters who have touched our hearts. That being said, a proper send off to your fun-loving girls sounds like it would make a lot of folks happy…just saying (wink, wink) Absolutely beautiful cover, by the way. 🙂

  2. I think that when one person wants “closure” its because they feel wronged in some way. That they feel as if their voice wasn’t heard by the other person in the relationship. Or what happened to end the relationship doesn’t make sense to them. That they didn’t see it coming.

    • I think that’s true. We’ve all had those moments where we felt we weren’t heard and just want a chance to explain…..but unfortunately, most of the people I know use closur for code”I want my ex back.”

  3. My favorite phrase is …. to be continued …. and anything in heels (especially stilettos) is a good thing so, more please … next …! 😉

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