Spring, Summer, Fall…Music Rocks ‘Em All!



So it went from snow and the 20’s last week to chirpin’ birds and the 70’s this week!  And I love it!  This means not only are the critters and flowers about to be in full bloom, but the best season of all is upon us!  Concert Season!


Who’s live show are you just dying to see?  What’s your concert lineup?


Here’s who I’ll be catching live in the very near future:

April: Bobby Long

May: Casey James (two times!)

June: Heart!!!

July & August still lookin’ but I know I’ll find something good soon 🙂

September: DEPECHE MODE ♥


Sharing is fun, tell me who you’re about to see or who is on your list!

Always love,

Carlene Love ♥

4 thoughts on “Spring, Summer, Fall…Music Rocks ‘Em All!

    • Hi Anna! (waves, blows kisses, hugs the air like a big ole bear) Ooo, The Eagles. Nice. I would love to see a show with you sometime. One of these days, we’re going to the Opry together. (wink, wink) xoxo

  1. Always more Casey shows of course! Curious to see Keith Urban with Little Big Town & Dustin Linch this summer too! Trying to get tickets to see The Farm, Prince, Maroon 5, Depeche Mode, and Peter Frampton with BB King too. Live, love, laugh with music!

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