Well hello there friends,

I hope this post finds you happy and enjoying whatever weather that has taken up in your part of the world.  For me, it is snow.  And lots of it!  Winter Storm Saturn has pulled into town and from the looks of the sideways blowing flakes and heavy frosted tree limbs curling downward outback, we may very well be housebound for the next couple days!

Perfect timing to share what’s new in my world with you 🙂

First things first though, HAPPY HUMP DAY! (from some of my favorite leading men…oh, and you’ll be sure to want to scroll all the way to the bottom where I’ve saved THE BEST of the boys for last…)

Hero Collection

Now, for those of you not familiar with the Waterworld Mermaids, those are the lovely and talented gals I have been group blogging with for nearly two years now, please be my guest and swim on over to the pond.  I’m the Mermaid hostess today and I’ve posted about how my Mardi Gras going grandma would have made the perfect romance novel heroine.  And I’d love to hear your grandma stories as well.  I know we’ve all got a few great ones to share 🙂  Here’s the link to help you safely navigate your way over to our waters…WATERWORLD MERMAIDS.

The Mermaid Panel 2012

And now for some super exciting tidbits about the places I’ll be book-partying this month…Catch me over at THE ROMANCE REVIEWS site on March 12, where Sidewalk Flower will be one of the featured Q&A’s to help celebrate TRR turning 2 years old!  Have fun answering the trivia questions, playing the book cover matching game and garnering points to be entered into not just a free e-copy of Sidewalk Flower, but also prizes from the 400 plus authors who are also participating.  And, the grand prize which is a $100 gift certificate!  Here is the link to follow to the party…THE ROMANCE REVIEWS.


Still looking for more romancey book fun?  Me too!  That’s why I’d love to see you over at BARBARA VEY’S 6TH ANNIVERSARY BASH on March 15.  I’ll be bringing Shirley Temples to the party, which yes is pretty tame but trust me, if you’ve ever been to one of Barbara’s bashes, they are a ton of virtual fun.  So be my date, pretty please??…BARBARA VEY’S 6TH ANNIVERSARY BASH.

Shirley Temple

Before I make like a good girl and crawl back into my writing hut, I’d like to share what I’ll be doing tonight to keep my tootsies warm and stave off old Mr. Winter Storm Saturn…My critique partner, Ellora’s Cave author Lynne Silver, has another hot one releasing today from her CODED FOR LOVE series!  Some cozy time with Program Soldier Chase Stanton sounds so very good…Happy FALSE MATCH Release Day, Lynne!


Happy Reading, Writing and Hump-daying friends!

Always love,

Carlene Love ♥

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