Sidewalk Flower Released Today!

It’s official, Sidewalk Flower is now available!  I’m a little speechless so I think I’ll leave it at this…Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible and to everyone who gives it a read.

Sidewalk-Flower cover

Always love,

Carlene Love

Now available at Evernight Publishing, click here to purchase.

At Amazon for Kindle, here.



4 thoughts on “Sidewalk Flower Released Today!

  1. Congratulations my love. I know you worked long and hard on this. You are the reason I wake up every morning ready to take on the world. You are my inspiration.

    Thanks, Coach Flores

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Got my 1st e-copy off your website which directed me to Evernight’s sight. Bought it! 🙂

    Now if I buy more from Amazon or Barnes & Noble, etc sites – can I share/send those to others? I especially wanted to get a copy for Lorraine for her birthday the week after mine.

    LOVE YOU SWEETIE PIE! CONGRATULATIONS! Now I need to find the copy I bought so I can read it! Wish I knew how to work my Literati or whatever I have! One day I’ll surprise you with all my technological know-how!!!! Are you laughing really hard?!?!

    Love you & so proud of you, Mama


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