Playlists Palooza!

Hi Friends,

We all love playlists right?  Me too.  Of course I grew up in the 80’s with the mixed tape so it’s sort of in my blood to like this sort of thing.  And I really love it when writers make them to go along with their writing projects/books/stories.

I’m currently working on my first edits for Sidewalk Flower, a story which is set around the music business.  So of course I’ve got a playlist to share!!!!  Of course a playlist doesn’t have to have anything to do with writing.  Think mixed tape.  Want to share your favorite playlist?  I’d love to see it!  Here’s mine for Sidewalk Flower:

“Why I’m Feeling Blue” by Casey James (Lucky’s song)

“Blown Away” by Carrie Underwood (Trista’s song)

“Better Than Me” by Hinder (Jaxon’s song)

“The Dead of Night” by Depeche Mode (Sin Pointe’s song)

“Talk About Suffering” by Debra James (Gramma Grace’s song)

Have a wonderful day, friends!  Listen to a song you love for me 🙂

Always love,

Carlene Love

4 thoughts on “Playlists Palooza!

  1. Don’t think I’d heard Blue before. “Back in the day” friends made me mixed tapes but I preferred listening to entire albums or tapes. Didn’t want to miss a diamond. I’ve loved so many songs which never got airplay! I wouldn’t mix a group of paragraphs or chapters from different books. Guess I’m older than dirt! 🙂

    • “Blue” is my favorite and has such a neat story behind it. I wrote Sidewalk Flower back in 2010 and then in March 2012, went to a Casey show and heard him perform “Why I’m Feeling Blue.” It was one of those jawdropping moments because in the song he talks about a yellow flower in the sidewalk. I love when the universe sprinkles out cool little coincidences like that.

      I hear what you are saying about not wanting to miss any diamonds on the complete albums. And it would be really strange to mash up different paragraphs from books the way we can do it with songs from different albums. Although now that I think of it, might be kind of fun!

      🙂 You are not older than dirt, but even if you were, that’s a whole lotta cool dirt!

    • Hi Aunt Terry 🙂 Talk About Suffering is a song by Debra James that she sings with her son, Casey. It’s beautufil and almost haunting. Kind of feels like it could have been on the Oh Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack. In Sidewalk Flower, the main character’s grandma is named Gramma Grace. I chose Talk About Suffering as her song because she has great faith even through dire circumstances. You should have a listen someday. 🙂

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