Hurricane Sandy Pants No Match for a Mermaid Ghost!


Hello friends,

Just wanted to blow in and say hi as I watch the big beautiful Virginia trees outside doing their best to remain planted!  I’m not going to lie…I’m originally from San Diego, CA…where our biggest complaint is usually over the accumulation of too much overnight dew on our vehicles.  And yes, I do believe it really is the safest city to live in weather-wise, just like that McDonald’s commercial says.  Which would explain why I’m eyeing those trees near my home like a hawk.  I love living in Virginia; it’s absolutely gorgeous here and no one I know back home can say “George Washington walked my streets”.  Nope, they have perfect weather, beautiful beaches and the absolute best Mexican food but they cannot make that wonderful claim about good old George.

That being said…I wouldn’t mind if Miss Sandy Pants (an expression I’ve stolen from fellow mermaid, Kerri Carpenter) packed up her stuff and kindly scooted back on out to sea!

There are so many other things that should be scaring my pants off…and yours…like the entire month of October free-read Ghost Stories over at Waterworld Mermaids!  Come check us out before the month is over and be on the lookout for our Spooktastic Giveaway when all is said and done!

Free Read Ghost Stories:

Her by Masha Levinson

Better Off Dead by Susan Andrews

Old Town Tavern by Loni Lynne

Jewels of the Past by Kerri Carpenter

The Waiting Room by Denny S. Bryce

The Guardian by Dana Rodgers

Just Believe by Kimberly MacCarron

and Even Honey Expires by me, Carlene Love Flores, where you get to meet the sweetheart drummer for the band Sin Pointe who cordially invite you to come back for more when their book, Sidewalk Flower, is published in January 2013 by Evernight Publishing.

Happy Halloween All!

Always love,

Carlene Love

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