Ghosts, Mermaids, Goblins…Oh My!

Uh-oh…The Waterworld Mermaid lagoon waters are looking a bit murky this month…must mean it’s free read Ghost Story time!   Swim on over to the pond if you dare.  We’ve dedicated the entire month of October to spooky, chilling tales including mine about a haunted drummer.  Don’t be afraid, just take my hand, click here and we’ll swim on over together.  BOO!  Sorry, I had to do that.  Hope to see you there 😉

Always love,

Carlene Love

4 thoughts on “Ghosts, Mermaids, Goblins…Oh My!

    • Exactly, Kerri Mermaid! Just because our sister ancestors may have lured a few unsuspecting souls to their mortal aquatic graves doesn’t mean folks should be sceered! Or maybe they should be ;0 I cannot wait to read your ghost tale!

  1. On my way to your ghostly pond this morn to get the bejeepers skeered out of me before the Aztecs/Hawaii football game & KGB SkyShow tonite! If I end up missing, drag your pond for me! 😉

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