My Favorite Cross Country Road Trip Pictures

I’m back in Virginia!¬† Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the 5,200 miles¬†I just drove home to San Diego, CA and back.¬†¬†It was the best road trip ever, feeling so free to just get in my car and drive from one coast to the other.¬† I love you, USA.¬† You are beautiful and diverse and nothing beats seeing you in person.¬†¬†And a big ole thanks to Casey E. James for his song, “Drive”, which we played every morning as we laid rubber to the road.

I knew it would be a fun trip when this was the first vehicle I ended up following behind leaving Virginia.  Had to learn who Justin Moore was.

One of my first jaw drops¬†came from visiting Grandma’s in Arkansas.¬† Yes, that big red can belongs to her, 77 and young!

The sunrise doesn’t get much prettier than this one peach-i-fying the sky over New Mexico.

These are San Diego Style Rolled Tacos.  They make me a happy girl.  I miss them already.

It definitely did not suck getting to see The Vampire Diaries cast up close and personal.

Cheers Y’all!¬† This Disneyland Mint Julep is for¬†Grandma and her Mardi Gras friends up in heaven.

Because sometimes you just have to suck it up, put on that bikini and get your Sherrilyn Kenyon on at the beach!

New musical discoveries make my heart sing.  Meet the gentlemen of Steam Powered Giraffe.  Wish I could describe them to you but I think this photo says it all.

A mermaid’s got to visit¬†her native waters in Cabrillo at the Tidepools.

The new and improved route back to Virginia via Ohio to see Casey James play.

Just us, the truckers and the sun rising over Amarillo, Texas as we head east.

Can’t¬†imagine a nighttime swim gets any better than this as the moon glowed¬†above in the sky of Hendersonville, Tennessee.

Guitars are made to be rocked.  The Casey E. James band made these ones sing during their show in Belpre, Ohio, our last stop before arriving home to Virginia.

That’s it!

xoxo  I HEART ROAD TRIPS  xoxo