28 comments on “Evernight’s Valentine Snippets Blog Hop Is Here!

    • Well hello Miss Simi :) I was just thinking about you because I have these pretty red happy hornays that I would love to wear in my hair but the clips are a little heavy. I thought, Miss Simi would know exactly how to get them to stay in. And then here you are! What a lovely surprise. I hope you enjoy the rest of the hop and that you are blessed with many glorious prizes. ;)

  1. Happy Day 2 of the Blog Hop! I’ve logged everyone’s answers from Day 1, thank you so much for playing. Now I’m going to change the question and tally day 2’s answers. Good luck!

  2. Hey all you lovely Hoppers,
    It’s day 4! I hope you’re having fun with the questions so far. Tomorrow is our last day, there will be one last question, and I’m putting Lucky in charge. :) Carry on!

    • Pardon my bad manners, Nikki, but Carlene up and left me in charge today and didn’t tell me how to approve comments. Think I’ve got it figured out now. You sound a lot like my Trista. She teases me a lot about being old fashioned. I’ll pass along your kind answer to Carlene and wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day.

    • Good evenin’ Beckey. Well, pardon my lack of manners again, but I definitely understand about needs. Boy, you ladies are way better at this kind of talk than me. But it’s been a pleasure hearing from ya. Happy Valentine’s Day.

  3. Hey friends, just one hour left before I pull the lucky winner’s name out of the Valentine Hop Hat. Trista needed her man back so I’ve sent Lucky on back to Bugscuffle. See you back here in an hour to announce the winner. Good luck and THANK YOU for stopping by, reading the snippet and leaving your comments.

  4. And we have a winner…..Congratulations Natasha! I will email you your Lush and Evernight gift certificates in the morning. Thank you everyone for hopping with Trista, Lucky and me :)

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